Hamel Award Night

Any large scale endeavour involves the earnest contribution role of each person not one but all and at all various levels through different phases with continuity and together that leads to the fruits of success.

First and foremost, HAMEL Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (HAMEL) would like to take this opportunity and express our deep sense of gratitude to Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) for recognizing and selecting HAMEL as winner under the category "Best Brand in Auto-Darkness Transformation Car Window Film of the Year Award 2022" in today's auspicious occasion (10th International Prestige Brands Awards - Best Brand of the Year Award 2022. Our deep appreciation also too, to the past and present of each and every person's great efforts of contribution from the management team and staff team in HAMEL's journey from 2012 till today which without all, would be impossible to achieve this award.

As I questioned myself, "What makes HAMEL emerges winner in tinted car window film among the multiple such companies?" I realized the distinctive shared culture of HAMEL which sustains the business. We share the blessings. We share the challenging. Communication is our key element. We keep in touch almost everyday regardless of weekends or public holidays to discuss what more could be improved compared to our current situation as we know that the rational stepwise we take today determines our future whereabouts in this industry. For those who are yet not familiar with "Naturechromic". It is this technology that HAMEL achieves the award. It is an auto-darkness transformation technology from Japan and is solely owned by HAMEL in this industry. The technology is equipped on car window film and has dual function that automatically darkens at day time whenever hit by sunlight rays while it brightens at night to provide clarity hence drivers, passengers or customers would experience comfort in this valuable quality dual functional technology.

Customers are always at the core of our focus in our professional performances. Thus, we strive for positive impacts on uncertain headwinds with enthusiasm and steadfastness in full solidarity with the stakeholders. To our more than100,000 customers, our appreciation to you also; for your trust in HAMEL for providing professional services to your vehicles. HAMEL will continuously strive in our journey to give our best satisfaction and cater the needs of our customers through our professional approach with consistent delivery of our product promise; a 10 year of product warranty performance. Whist installing the tinted car window film for our customers in a safe environment and adjusting to new norms.

On December 20, 2021, HAMEL emerged as the first in cars' window tinted in the automotive industry to acquire "SIRIM Certified ISO 9050:2003 test certificate." With this SIRIM certification, we are ready to expand to South East Asian markets in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Besides, on February 15, 2022, HAMEL has also acquired the SIRIM certified MS2669:2017 (AMD 1:2018) which is region's first standardized test for vehicle tint film set by the Department of Standards Malaysia. In Year 2022, HAMEL will continue continue to strive and serve more and more customers who will benefit and experience the value of this quality dual functional technology.

Thank you.

Senior meeting at Pernas

A fruitful meeting, discussion and dialog with the senior management of Pernas organized by the President of MFDA for the delegates.

Strategic Collaboration Partnership

Strategic Collaboration partnership between Lincoln Professional Academy and HAMEL in offering Professional Diploma in Car Detailing Services

MOU Signing Ceremony


On 21st January 2022, this exceptional date marks the franchise collaboration of Hamel Marketing and Neatify on the upcoming opening of Johor 1st Naturechromic Car Window Film. This MOU Signing Ceremony was attended by representatives from both parties to witness and concede in regard to the future growth of Hamel. The signing ceremony was conducted in one of MSC Cyberport’s conference room with both parties sharing their vision, mission and milestone of Hamel. Hopefully, one day Hamel will not only serve customers down in the south where else also serve customers from the Singapore.


On 9th January 2022, Hamel Malaysia celebrated its 10th year anniversary with the grand opening of its newest branch in Setapak. The ceremony was attended by VIP guests and all members of staff. This new milestone demonstrated that Hamel Malaysia has developed into a sustainable business over the past decade.

The company’s growth was motivated by the increase in customer demand as well as marketing and promotional activities on social media. Hamel Malaysia has also received positive feedback for its warranty coverage, customer service and after-sales service.

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