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Our latest Nano Ceramic Sputter Film from Japan will shut out 99% of sun’s UV rays from damaging your skin yet reducing the interior fading which gives your vehicle an excessive lasting period.

Advanced Technology

Naturechromic, a noteworthy upgraded version of our auto darkness transformation technology from 1st gen, previously known as Photochromic where the UV facing surface will automatically darkens in day and brightens in night. Thus, reducing the glare from blinding sunlight also creates a multi-layer tinting effect so you can have a better and comfortable experience while on the road.


Stay cooler with our temperature control mechanization where the temperature outside the vehicle will have vulnerable effect against our window films. In addition, it is shattered proof which in case accident happens, passengers are well-protected from flying glass shards and from being thrown out of the windows.


Wide range of darkness available at your preferences to provide different level of privacy for you and your passengers. Moreover, it impedes people from looking through the window by delivering better security of the valuables inside.


Hamel Window Films offers quality assurance and long-lasting quality on products as well as an experience of first-class servicing from our professional staff during warranty period. Last but not least, we do provide 1 to 1 exchange for defective films but that is as rare as hen's teeth.

Window Tint

Simulation Of Naturechromic Effect

Swipe Left Or Right By Holding
  • Flexibility

    Darker shade during the day, lighter shade at night.

  • Glare Reduction

    Help you focus on driving by reducing glare.

  • JPJ Compliance

    Certified compliant by JPJ.


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