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Sup peeps, I bet you've never heard of Naturechromic right? 😉 

Here is what it is 👇 👇 👇

Naturechromic is HAMEL’s one of a kind technology from Japan with auto-darkness transformation on the windscreen where it will adjust the darkness to darker when the sunny sunlight hits and also adjusts the darkness during night time to provide clarity and safe driving experience. In short, “Darkens in day, Brightens in night” In this scenario, JPJ compliance standard is 70% VLT 30% Darkness, with Naturechromic effect, it will increase the darkness to approximately 50% making it darker to prevent people from looking into the car. In addition, it will makes you fill more comfortable. Let’s say if customers follow JPJ Compliance darkness but still get fined by JPJ. No worries, HAMEL got your back, just take the photo of the SAMAN and whatsapp to respective branch for process and we’ll do the rest. Plus point, it looks cool having quality darker window film with high heat rejection yet JPJ compliance right? 😎  



HAMEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) provides a better layer of protection for your vehicle compared to coating. It is able to protect your vehicle from stone chips, repels damage and is easier to clean. Most importantly, it also has self-healing properties.


Paint Protection Film helps to keep your car looking brand new which will maintain the resale value of your vehicle, giving you peace of mind. 



HAMEL also provides coating services for your vehicles. We use COSMICS 9H Glass Coating which is not only durable, but provides a better look and protection for your vehicle’s paint. We also provide free maintenance and warranty coverage.


Coating gives an extra layer of protection for the exterior look of your vehicle. It also helps to prevent harsh elements such as corrision, oxidation and harmful UV rays. Our coating also has self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties which prevent your vehicle from retaining dirt and other particles that are hard to clean. 



Putting everything aside, customer safety is our number one priority. We understand that road accidents and thefts can happen at any time. It is our main objective to ensure our customers remain protected while on the road.


In the event of a car collision or theft, it is common for vehicle windows to shatter and release shards of glass towards the driver and passengers. This causes lacerations and other serious injuries. With Hamel Security Window Film, shattered vehicle windows hold into place, resulting in less injuries during an accident. It will also increase the time taken for thieves to break into your vehicle compared to a vehicle without security window films.



Solar control window films can greatly reduce temperatures, fading, sunburn, as well as UV radiation (one of the leading causes of skin cancer). Hamel Solar Window Film does an excellent job at minimizing the annoying glare from entering your car window by improving vision and safety and helps to prevent eyes strain. That’s why a quality tinting is necessary to protect you from these downside.


Generally, solar window films can greatly reduce the heat accumulated inside your car, providing more comfort to the driver and passengers.



In some countries like Malaysia, the weather is hot and sunny all-year round. The high temperatures and harmful UV rays will have an impact on the health and comfort of drivers and passengers. Hence, a good tinted window film is a must. At Hamel, we provide Nano Ceramic Safety Films, manufactured in Japan. Our films are equipped with the latest Nano Ceramic Sputter technology.


With Hamel’s latest technology, our window films have a higher heat rejection rate, better UV protection and reduced glare. Drivers and passengers will experience better comfort and reduced risk of health issues such as skin problems or cataract.