1) How long is the warranty?

  • 3 or 6 years depending on the package you choose

2) What’s so special about HAMEL PPF? 

  • Our PPF would be TPU material, 8 mil thickness and comes with self-healing properties. Last but not least, we are the first in Malaysia to cover yellowish.

3) What does your warranty cover? 

  • Peeling, bubbling, yellowish and film cracking

4) What is PPF for? 

  • PPF is protection from stone chips and scratches

5) What brand of PPF do you use? 

  • It would be our own brand which is Hamel 

6) How long would be the PPF take to installation?

  • 2-7 days depending on the package you choose to take

7) Will the PPF damage the car paint in the future when want to remove it? 

  • Our brand will not have that problem as the glue and PPF we use is safe for the car paint. But we cannot promise for other brands of PPF in the market. But we also cannot promise the PPF will damage the car paint if you have repainted your car before. Repainted cars might have a problem of peeling the paint if the PPF is removed.