T i n t i n g

T i n t i n g



1) What is special about Hamel?

  • Our Naturechromic film which is our auto darkness film. The film would change 10-20% in darkness giving you less glare when driving on a sunny day. 

2) What is the difference with the tinting packages?

  • The difference is the heat rejection levels, warranty period and our Naturechromic film.
  • Our entry level range packages comes with 7 years warranty but does not come with our Naturechromic film. 
  • Our mid and upper range packages comes with 10 years warranty and comes with our Naturechromic film. 
  • The heat rejection varies from package as well. The lower range package comes with a heat rejection of IRR 60% and IRR 85%. But the mid and upper range packages come with a hear rejection of IRR 95% and 97%. 

3) Where is the Naturechromic film installed?

  • On the front windscreen only for all packages

4) What is Naturechromic film?

  • It’s our auto darkness film that can turn 10-20% darker when exposed to sunlight. The film would help to reduce glare when driving. 

5) What does the warranty cover?

  • The warranty would cover peeling, bubbling, film discolouration, film cracking and heat rejection below 10%. 

6) Can we install your film over our existing film? 

  • Yes, we can install double layer tinting but our warranty would be void after the installation. This is because our warranty does not cover double layer tinting if the existing tint film is not Hamel brand. 

7) What is the difference between Hamel Signature and Batman series? 

  • The only difference is that the Batman series is still JPJ compliant even if you wish not to follow the regular JPJ compliance stated by JPJ. The JPJ compliance is in terms of VLT is 70% for the front windscreen, 50% for the 2 driver's side windows and 0% for rear side windows plus the rear windscreen. So, with the Batman series package you can choose not to follow the JPJ compliance but your car is still JPJ compliance. But with the Hamel Signature package you need to follow the regular JPJ compliance in order for your car to be JPJ compliant.

8) What is the difference with sputter and multilayer sputter film?

  • The difference is that the sputter film works by cutting the heat but the multilayer sputter works by reflecting the heat. The multilayer sputter would reduce more heat significantly compared to the sputter film. 

9) How many layers is the multilayer sputter film?

  • 11 layers.

10) What is the JPJ compliance for tinting?

  • In terms of VLT it would be 70% for front windscreen. The 2 front driver’s side windows would be 50%. Lastly the rear side windows and rear windscreen would be 0% or unlimited. 

11) Are our packages JPJ complaint?

  • Yes, all our packages are JPJ complaint. But it can be up to the customer if they would like to follow the JPJ compliance or not. 

12) What are the range of tint film darkness you have?

  • We have 50%, 85% and 95% darkness to choose from. 

13) Does your packages cover JPJ summons?

  • Yes, our warranty will cover all summons. But the customer must choose to follow the JPJ compliance in order for our warranty to cover all summons. 

14) How long is the installation for tinting?

  • 2 hours.