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Hamel Window Films was founded by the director in year 2012 with latest technology in manufacturing our window films. Hamel tint is a premium window films for over the past year which offer quality products and services. Our products made from Japan Nano Ceramic and services quality make us different from our competitors. Our Nano Ceramic Security Films have the high heat and uv rejection rates on the other hand maintain high clear vision. Our tint are manufacture to fit automobile, residential and commercial buildings. You are welcome to join us either as business partner or become our valuable customer and enjoy top services from us.

Japan Nano Ceramic Technology

  • High Transmission & high heat rejected with safety & security.
  • Totally Metal Free - NO CORROSION!
  • See Clearly and Safety with reduced internal reflectivity
  • Protect your skin with superior UV protection
  • Protect your loved ones with enhanced safety & security 

HAMEL Nano Ceramic Window Film

Heat, shielding films make barrier against the sun’s heat and radiation, screening out much of infrared radiation (45% - 99% depends on the products) and 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet light which cause fading, sunburn and eye damage.